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Emperor Vegetable 皇帝菜饭团 (Veg)

Emperor Vegetable 皇帝菜饭团 (Veg)

362 KCAL. 53.1% high concentrated wholegrain that provides high nutrition value. Emperor Vegetable give uniqueness of its texture and tasteness. It suits both non-vegetarian and vegetarian consumers

Emperor Vegetable 皇帝菜饭团 (Veg)


Emperor Veg, Japanese Cucumber, Burdock, Crispy Vegetarian Floss, Healthy Rice

362 KCAL

Protein: 11g
Trans. Fat: 0g
Total Fat: 1g
Carb: 10g
Wholegrain: 53.1%

​Weight: 230g ~ 250g

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