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Wholegrain Rice Roll

Honey Goose Rice Roll 蜜鹅饭团 (Veg)

Honey Goose, Burdock, Cucumber, Coleslaw, Chic Pea

Chai Fish Rice Roll 柴鱼饭团

Chai Fish, Fish Chip, Sweet Corn, Chicken Floss, Fried Egg and Healthy Rice

Emperor Vegetable 皇帝菜饭团 (Veg)

Emperor Veg, Japanese Cucumber, Burdock, Crispy Vegetarian Floss, Healthy Rice

Tuna Rice Roll 金枪鱼饭团

Tuna, Japanese Cucumber, Fish Chip, Seaweed Chicken, Healthy Rice

Q-Tofu Rice Roll Q豆腐饭团 (Veg)

Q-Tofu, Sweet Corn, Braised Peanut, Japanese Cucumber, Emperor Vege, Healthy Rice

Spicy Shrimp Rice Roll 香辣虾米饭团

Spicy Shrimp, Japanese Cucumber, Fish Chip, Braised Peanut, Fried Egg, Healthy Rice

Smoked Duck Rice Roll 薰鸭饭团

Smoke Duck, Chicken Floss, Burdock Stew Egg, Japanese Cucumber, Healthy Rice

Customize Rice Roll 自制饭团

1. Choose Rice, 2. Choose 5 Fillings




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