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Dory Fish (+Salad) 咖喱腌鲂鱼便当

Dory Fish (+Salad) 咖喱腌鲂鱼便当

472 KCAL. 45.3% high concentrated wholegrain that provides high nutrition value. High protein fish is marinated with our special spice and sauce to produce the nyonya taste fish.

Dory Fish (+Salad) 咖喱腌鲂鱼便当


Dory Fish, Garlic, Young Ginger, Tumeric powder, Chili , Curry powder,
Brocolli, Sweet Corn, Oat Rice

472 KCAL

Protein: 43.2g
Trans. Fat: 0g
Total Fat: 9.28g
Carb: 13.76g
Wholegrain: 45.3%

Weight: ~450g

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