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Black Pepper Chicken 黑胡椒鸡便当

Black Pepper Chicken 黑胡椒鸡便当

527 KCAL. 46.4% high concentrated wholegrain that provides high nutrition value. Pepper Chicken is local favorite dishes. Top premium pepper to marinate the chicken and stir fry gives strong satisfaction to customers who love black pepper

Black Pepper Chicken 黑胡椒鸡便当


Chicken, Oyster sauce, Tomato, Plum sauce, Black pepper, Dark soya sauce, Onion, Brocolli, Sweet Corn, Oat Rice

527 KCAL

Protein: 48.96g
Trans. Fat: 0g
Total Fat: 11.23g
Carb: 7.24g
Wholegrain: 46.4%

Weight: ~450g

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